The Almighty Creator God is also the Designer of the Universe.  Something as intricate and marvelous as an “eye” just doesn’t happen as a by-product of evolution.  They have to be designed before they are created.  The foundations of all existence are in those words: “In the beginning God…”

God created everything in six (6) days of 24 hours each.

     §        Day 1           Light

§        Day 2           Heaven or the Firmament

§        Day 3           Land, Seas, Grass, Herbs & Trees - (3 types of vegetation)

§        Day 4           The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars – (3 types of heavenly host)

§        Day 5           Fish in the Seas and Birds in the Air

§        Day 6           Animals, insects, and man (3 types of land creatures)


A Trinity of vegetation

     A.  Grass                                                          3rd Day

     B.  Herbs                                                          3rd Day

     C.  Trees                                                           3rd Day

A Trinity of Heavenly Host

     A.  Sun                                                             4th Day

     B.  Moon                                                          4th Day

     C.  Stars                                                           4th Day

A Trinity of creatures and where they live

     A.  Sea creatures                                               5th Day

     B.  Air creatures                                                5th Day

     A.  Land creatures                                             6th Day

A Trinity of land creatures

     A.  Animals                                                       6th Day

     B.  Insects                                                         6th Day   

     C.  Mankind                                                      6th Day


God does things in an orderly manner.  This is no mistake or coincidence.



1.  First Day       Light                            4.  Fourth Day     Light holders

2.  Second Day   Air and water               5.  Fifth Day        Birds and fish

3.  Third Day      Land and vegetation      6.  Sixth Day      Animals and man


There are six days of creation and they are divided into two parts.


The 1st day of the 2nd group is equivalent to the 1st day of the 1st group. 


The 2nd day of the 2nd group is equivalent to the 2nd day of the 1st group. 


The 3rd day of the 2nd group is equivalent to the 3rd day of the 1st group. 


1st day of 1st group               =                      1st day of 2nd group is day 4

2nd day of 1st group               =                      2nd day of 2nd group is day 5

3rd day of 1st group               =                      3rd day of 2nd group is day 6


Did you notice the 1st day has light and the 4th day now has light holders?

Did you notice the 2nd day has air and water and the 5th day has Birds and fish? 

Did you notice the 3rd day has land and vegetation and the 6th day has animals & man.

Please note that during the first four (4) days that the stage or environment or surroundings was created for the things that were to occupy that stage.  God didn’t create any living beings until the 5th day and on the 6th day.  He had to have a home in the sea or in the air or on earth for them first and then food.  It’s interesting to note that sea life and life in the air came before life on the earth itself.  Earth life was sandwiched between sea life and air life as to geographical position.




1.  Light                                                      5.  Fish and Fowl     Air & water

2.  Atmosphere - waters from the waters     6.  Animal and man    Earth

3.  Dry land and plants

4.  Heavenly bodies


God had done everything in perfect order and everything was good.                      

God is basically the subject of the first sentence or verse and dominates the entire first chapter of Genesis.  God demonstrates by His awesome creative power infinite power that transcends all material existence.   Evolution is ruled out totally.



In BIBLE LESSON #1, we learned that a Trinity of Heavenly Hosts were created.

     A.  Sun                                                            4th Day

     B.  Moon                                                         4th Day

     C.  Stars                                                           4th Day


In this lesson we will learn that The “Host” of the Heavens has a job also.  Everything that has created has some sort of work to do for His glory and for the benefit of His creation and creatures.


                                   THE HEAVENLY HOST 

1.     They were to                        Divide day and night or light from darkness

2.     The firmament                      Divide the waters from the waters

3.     They were for                       Signs

4.     They were for                       Seasons

5.     They were for                       Days

6.     They were for                       Years

7.     They were to give                 Light Upon the Earth

In verse 3 of chapter 1 we read, “and God said, Let there be light and there was light.”  Is it possible that the sun and the moon were created on the first day so that there might be light but now the twin bodies of light were visible to the eye?   These lights were made to serve a function - the function of time as per day and per month and for seasons.  People would have a way of telling time through them.  And the progression of order continues.


But the hosts of heaven were not created for worship.  The creation was never to be the object of worship, only the Creator God Almighty Himself is to receive that Honor.


     And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun,

     and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven, shouldest be

     driven to worship them, and serve them, which the Lord thy god hath

     divided unto all nations under the whole heaven; - And hath gone and

     served other gods, and worshipped them either the sun, or moon, or any

     of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded  (Deuteronomy 4:19 ;



Millions of people through out history have worshipped the “Host of Heaven.”  I worship the ONE Who created that Host of Heaven and He is the Lord God Almighty.  Worship of anything that God has created is idolatry and is strictly forbidden.




Lord, I have sinned. I am sorry for my sins and I now give my life to you. I accept your salvation through Your shed Blood on the Cross of Calvary.  I accept you as my Lord and Saviour.  I ask you to save me and live in my life forever and ever.   Be merciful to me a sinner. In the NAME OF JESUS, I pray. Amen.