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  • Pak Sao: slap block with open palm.

  • Palm Fon Sao: Palm Down with slight Gripping action.

  • Tan Sao: Used to Clear and Protect the Upper Perimeter.

  • Fuk Sao: An arm Trapping and Drawing Technique.

  • Goang Sao: This is a Low arm Sweeping Technique used to Clear your Lower Perimeter and your Gate.

  • Die Jong: This is a Downward Palm Blocking Action. It is used Primarily in the Lower Perimeter and Gate. It may also be used in the Upper Perimeter when your hands are High and Inside the Opponent's.

  • Tan Sao: open hand block with the back of the hand or ridge hand.

  • Bong Sao: elbow up block, strike with forearm, palm faces opponent.

  • Jut Sao: jerking hand.

  • Lop Sao: grabbing hand.

  • Lin Sil Die Dar: simultaneous block and attack.

Lop Sao Training Series

Face each other, Right wrist Touching Right wrist. (Remember Lop Sao means Grabbing Hand).

  1. Right Grab, Left Punch (Simultaneous).

  2. Right Grab, Left Punch, Take Down.

  3. Right Grab, Left Punch, Left Pin, Right Punch.

  4. Right Grab, Left Punch, Left Pin, Right Punch, Take Down.

  5. Right Grab, Left Pin, Right Punch.

  6. Right Grab, Left Punch; Opponent Throws a Left Punch at your Face, Counter with a Right High Bong Sao, Left Pin, Right Strike.

  7. If, After your Right Grab, you Left Punch is Blocked by:

    • Left Knifehand:

      1. Use Trapping Hands and Right Punch.

    • Right High Elbow:

      1. Pull and straighten out Right arm, Left Punch.

      2. Grab Elbow with Left hand, Right Knee to Abdomen, Right Instep Stomp, Right Punch to Face.

      3. Pak Sao, Grab a Finger and Pull Down, Right Punch.


  8. Know how to Block the Basic Lop Sao using Trapping Hands.

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