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If you are a RED belt, BROWN belt, or 1st Degree BLACK belt you are probably already teaching for FREE!

Yes, if you practice at any KARATE, TAEKWONDO, 

  HAPKIDO or any other martial arts school, and you are an advanced color belt or in your early degrees of Black belt, you are more than likely teaching for someone else, for FREE! .. Some schools even use 6th gup color belts to teach for them.

"So!", you say, "We all do this if we belong to a 'school'." But, I say you can get paid for teaching what you know!

If you are a taekwondo student, it would pay you to learn HAPKIDO to teach. If you are a hapkido student, it would pay you to learn TAEKWONDO to teach. If you are a karate student, it would pay you to learn AIKI-JUJITSU to teach. These arts compliment each other.

By opening your own school (Dojo, Dojang, Kwoon) you can earn a decent living in your spare time. Especially if you have the technical backing that the I.S.A. MARTIAL ARTS offers. Just find a building and start teaching; or ask your Pastor if you could use the church facilities; or go to the YMCA and teach as one of their programs.

Once you do this, you can add to your income by becoming a Chartered School with the I.S.A.

For every student that joins the I.S.A. ($40.00) then you deduct $10.00 off the top and send the rest to our headquarters. Talk to us about this amazing program.

If you feel you need organizational backing, then give the INTERNATIONAL SUNGJADO ASSOCIATION a call at 

(843) 968-8178
or E-mail us at

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