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PHA was developed by Dr. Arthur Steinhaus in the 1940's.

Bob Gajda, a former Mr. America over 30 years ago, popularized its use. All credit for the page content goes to Dr. Steinhaus and Mr. Gajda.

(NOTE: One of our guests to this site added the following) "I thought I would take the liberty of adding relevant info. Mainly, directing your attention to the Morehouse Fitness Test. It was developed by Dr. Lawrence Morehouse who created the fitness program for sending astronauts to the moon. It helps trainers evaluate students and create baseline training programs for them accordingly."


These exercises are arranged so that blood is shunted up and down the body as you progress through the sequence of exercises.
This is PHA.
Both super-sets and compound-sets may be used to improve and increase your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) for long term fat burning.


       SS #            EXERCISES            MUSCLES            SEQUENCE      

       1-A            BENCH PRESS          PECTORALS        A-B, A-B, A-B    

       1-B           BENT OVER ROWS        RHOMBOIDS                         

       2-C              CRUNCHES           ABDOMINAL        C-D, C-D, C-D    

       2-D            BACK RAISES       SPINAL ERECTORS                      

       3-E           MILITARY PRESS        DELTOIDS         E-F, E-F, E-F    

       3-F           LAT PULL DOWN     LATTISSIMUS DORSI                     

       4-G           SIDE BEND LEFT      LEFT OBLIQUE       G-H, G-H, G-H    

       4-H          SIDE BEND RIGHT      RIGHT OBLIQUE                       

       5-I         TRICEPS EXTENSION        TRICEPS         I-J, I-J, I-J    

       5-J             BICEP CURL            BICEP                           

       6-K           LEG EXTENSIONS       QUADRICEPS        K-L, K-L, K-L    

       6-L             LEG PRESS         BICEP FEMORIS                       



           SEQUENCE  "A"                         SEQUENCE  "B"             

BACK OF NECK PRESS                   LAT PULLDOWNS                         

CRUNCHES                             BACK RAISES                           

SQUATS                               LEG PRESS                             

TRICEPS EXTENSION                    BICEP CURL                            

           SEQUENCE  "C"                         SEQUENCE  "D"             

BENCH PRESS                          BENT OVER ROWS                        

SIDE BENDS                           SIDE BENDS                            

CALF RAISES                          SLOW MOTION FRONT KICKS               

CHAIR-BACK PUSH-UPS                  SHOULDER SHRUGS                       

Use only enough weight resistance to keep the repetitions at no more than 15 reps per set. Perform each sequence with reps for 3 sets then go to next sequence.


Pay attention to target heart rate, not exceeding 75% of your maximum heart rate.

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