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The Physical Elements:

  • Reality in Training. No Theory in practice. All moves are designed for Actual Combat. No Sport moves. Block and Counter against Full Power, Full Speed, Full Contact Punches, Strikes and Kicks. In the street any Techniques that work for you, no matter what they look like, are allowed. No Rules. No such Thing as "Dirty Fighting".
  • All Techniques are Practical and Direct, with common sense being the Common Denominator.
  • Economy of Motion: (Minimum Effort) In Attack and Defense.
  • Must be Fast, Elusive and Deceptive in Combat and in Training. Be Light on your feet, and Lightning Fast with the Hands.
  • Emphasis is on the use of the Hands, such as Punching, Open Hand Strikes, Deflecting and Parrying. Also use, as Secondary Weapons, Low Kicks, Take Downs, Chokes, Throws, Joint Locks and Bone Breaks.
  • Use of "Dirty Fighting", such as Biting, Hair-pulling, Eye Gouges, Groin Grabs, ect. (When all else fails or cannot be applied).
  • Use of Fast , Flicking Penetrating Blows of Quick Retraction, as well as Driving Blows of Full Power and Chi.
  • Utilize the Concept of "Relax and Explode".

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