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When blocking attacks, move in an evasive manner to avoid the attack in addition to using an actual block or parry. If blocking a series of fast hand strikes, maintain a close center-line, keep elbows in, and use elbows for blocking midsection and kidney blows. The best block is just not to be there when the opponent throws his attack.


  1. There are no rules.

  2. Use whatever it takes to win, without Any Mental Reservations.

  3. Attack Vital Areas.

  4. Be Offensive-When the opponent attacks, Attack Him. (DON'T HESITATE)!

  5. Keep it Simple- Low Kicks, Chokes and Straight Strikes.

  6. REACT! Don't Talk, Bluff or Threaten, if an attack is evident, Act and Act Immediately!

  7. Expect to be Hit or Kicked or Cut. Be mentally prepared to receive a blow or cut.

  8. Keep in Good physical condition.

  9. Be Alert for Trouble at All times.

  10. Mentally Review and Practice Techniques and Katas.

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