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  1. Balance: Without Balance there is no Strength. Take your Opponent Off-Balance and he has no Strength.
  2. Mobility and Stability: You must have Stability to Kick or Punch effectively. Keep your Opponent moving and it will keep him from Kicking or Punching you effectively.
  3. Avoid Head-On Collision of Forces.
  4. Distraction and Mental Resistance: Take his Mind off the Hand he is Punching or Grabbing with.
  5. Focus on the Smallest Point.
  6. Energy Transfer.
  7. Create a Base.
  8. Sticking Control and Sensitivity.
  9. Rotational Momentum.
  10. Transitional Flow.

  • Use Two-Way Action on Joint-Locks "Pull and Push"
  • Create the Smallest Circle and Tighten the Circle.
  • Use Weak Points of the Human Body.


  • Triceps Tendon/Ulnar Nerve

  • Fingers

  • Cuticle of Finger

  • Sternum

  • Spine

  • Toes

  • Instep

  • Shin

  • Thigh

  • Hair

  • Wrist Points Between Hand and Forearm

  • Bones

  • Baby Finger and Ring Finger

  • Metacarpals

On Applying Joint Locks - Always Relax. Your Opponent can feel Force and Tension before Joint is Locked.

Focus on The Smallest Point--- Converge your Pressure to One Point.

  • Metacarpal Throw.

  • Indian Burn on Bent Elbow Wrist Lock.

  • Two Finger Bent Elbow Lock.

  • Hammer Lock-Place Knife-edge of Hand in Elbow Joint.

  • Cuticle Pain Compliance for Handcuffing on Stomach, on Ground.

  • Chicken - Wing or Palm-Up Gooseneck- Use Thumb and Index Finger, walk Toward his feet to get him to stand up.

  • Pistol Grip - Grip deep into the V of the Thumb and Index Finger, walk Toward his feet to get him to stand up.

  • On a Two-Finger hold-point Index Finger to keep him from Rotating his hand.

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