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These Techniques are for Tournament Play, Sport Karate Style. Speed is essential and the most important attribute, but you must have Focus and Skill in picking an open Target.

Left Lead:

  1. Lead Backfist, Reverse Punch, Rear leg Round Kick, Reverse Punch.

  2. Lungeing Punch, Reverse Punch, Rear Leg Round Kick.

  3. Lead Backfist into a Grab, Reverse Punch, Rear Leg Crescent Kick.

  4. Tornado Kick: Backleg Crescent, Jump and Spin and do a 2nd. Crescent Kick while in the Air with Same Leg.

  5. Low Flipping kick to Groin, Spin Back Kick, Backfist, Reverse Punch.
    NOTE: Flipping Kick is a Lead Leg Round Kick to Groin or Higher, used for DISTRACTION, lots of speed helps.

  6. Low Flipping Kick to Groin, Spin Inside Crescent, Front Kick.

  7. Middle Level Flipping Kick, Spin Heel, Reverse Punch.

  8. Forekick, Front Kick, Straight Punch, Reverse Punch.

Right Foot Lead:

  1. Flipping Kick to Groin, Backfist, Reverse Punch.

  2. Low-High Flipping Kick, Backfist, Reverse Punch.

  3. Jump-In Side Thrust Kick, Backfist, Reverse Punch.

  4. Lead Backfist, Lead Leg Side Thrust Kick, Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand.

  5. Lungeing Punch, Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand.

  6. Lead Backfist, Ridge Hand, (Same Hand).

  7. Front Kick, Spin Back Kick, Round Kick.

  8. Back Leg Crescent, Spin Inside Crescent.

  9. Jump-In Fore Kick, Straight Punch, Ridge Hand.

  10. Lead Backfist, Lead Leg Sweeping Motion, Spin Inside Crescent.

  11. Slide-Up Side Thrust to Midsection, Spin Heel.

  12. Lungeing Punch, Reverse Punch, Front Kick, Backfist, Spin Heel.

  13. Lead Leg Sweeping Motion, Into a Lead Leg Hook Kick to Head.

  14. Lead Leg Sweeping Motion, Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand (Same Hand).

  15. Fore Kick, Straight Punch, Reverse Punch, Flipping Kick to Groin, Spin Back Kick.

  16. Spin Back Kick, Reverse Punch.

  17. Spin Side Thrust Kick, Reverse Punch.

  18. Jab, Reverse Punch, Jab, (Slide Lead Foot Back) Spin Back Kick.

  19. Jab, Hook Punch, (Same Hand) Back Leg Round Kick.

  20. Lead Leg Sweeping Motion, Spin Heel.

  21. Sudden Shift Downward with Reverse Punch, Pivot into a Ridge Hand.

  22. Jab, Reverse Punch, Back Leg Hook Kick, Round Kick (Same Leg).

  23. Front Kick to Groin, Straight Punch, Back Leg Sweeping Motion, Reverse Punch.

  24. Slide-In Flipping Kick, Back Leg Sweeping Motion, spin Back Kick.

  25. Lead Leg Sweeping Motion, Round Kick, Spin Back Kick.

  26. Backfist, Lead Leg Inside Crescent.

  27. Defensive Drop Kick to Groin (Use either Side Kick or Roundkick Kick or Hook Kick).

  28. Lead Leg Inside Axe Kick, Backfist, Reverse Punch (Can also Use Ridge Hand or Crescent Kick).

  29. Jump-In Lead Leg Hook Kick into a Side Kick with same Leg. (Side Kick may come Immediately After Hook Kick or wait until Opponent Charges In).

  30. Grabbing Reverse Punch.

  31. Jumping Reverse Punch.

  32. Lead Leg Foot Sweep, Reverse Punch.
    (Slide-In with Back Leg [Cross In Front of Lead Leg], Sweep with Back Foot then Reverse Punch).

  33. Back Foot Sweep:
    Cross Back Leg Behind Lead Leg, Sweep with Lead Leg, Reverse Punch.

  34. Spinning Back Leg Foot Sweep, Pivot on Lead Leg and Swing Back Leg Around Behind you--Make Contact with Opponent's Heel or Calf, then Strike to Face.

  35. Jumping Forward Ridge Hand: Push with Rear Leg Starting Ridge Hand, Jump using Ridge Hand.

  36. Fake Back Foot Sweep, Right Round Kick.

  37. Spin Sweep with Back Leg into Right Crescent Kick.

  38. Right Side Thrust Kick, Backfist, Backfist, Reverse Punch.

  39. Reverse punch, Front Kick, Upset Punch, Grab and Sweep, Punch.

  40. Right Lunge Punch, Grab, Pull Opponent off Balance, Punch.

  41. Fake Backfist, Grab, Leg Check, Step Forward Punch, Flipping Kick to Groin, Punch, Sweep, Punch.

  42. Lungeing High Right Backfist, Reverse Punch, Front Kick.

  43. Right Round Kick to Body, Left High Round Kick, Right Reverse Punch, Right Middle Slap Kick.

  44. Right Middle Front Kick, Left Inside Axe Kick, Left Side Kick to Middle Level with Left Punch Simultaneous.

  45. Left High Reverse Punch, Right Upset Low Punch without Moving Feet, Step Left 45 degrees as you execute a Left Low Vertical Punch.

  46. Left Jab, Right Spin Back Fist, Left Inside Crescent Kick to Head.