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Movements - 12

Ready Stance: Standing at "A", Facing "B" in Ready position

1. Turn left, low block left hand and step forward and punch middle.

2. Turn right, low block right hand, step forward and punch middle.

3. Low block front middle (turn middle. use left hand to low block.

4. Starting with right arm, begin two high blocks, then punch high with right hand.

5. Turn 270 degrees left, knifehand middle block twice.

6. Turn to your right, knifehand middle block two times.

7. Turn 90 degrees to left, inside-outside block.

8. Turn 180 degrees to right, inside-outside block.

9. Outside-Inside block with left, repeat for total of three times stepping back.

10. Turn 180 degrees to your right, use right hand to inside-outside block (backstance).

11. Turn 270 degrees to your left, high block left hand, step out and punch right.

12. Turn 180 degrees to your right, high block right hand and step out and punch left hand and yell.