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IF you are a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Dan in KUKKIWON TAEKWONDO, and are running a Dojang for yourself or someone else, or you want to open a Dojang but do not know how to get yourself or your student's KukKiWon Dan certification, THEN THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU. The I. S. A. is here to help you get the coveted KUKKIWON Dan certification. Read all the way to the bottom of this page to find out how.


This page is for all those who are ranked below 5th Dan with the KukKiWon and for those who have a USA physical mailing address! If you live outside the continental border of the USA, but have a mailing address or proof of USA residency, then we can help you. (Such as the US Military)


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Since April, 2006 we have helped MANY individuals receive their Korean KukKiWon Dan Rank at our reduced fees and in a proper amount of time.

Quote: in as little as 30 days. Unquote! ...... see HOW LONG TO GET CERTIFICATE below!

There are quite a few of you who are viewing this web page from outside the USA. Let us know if we can help you. You do not have to be a member of the AAU or USAT.

We at the I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS Kukkiwon Division, are ready and waiting for those of you who would like to receive the KukKiWon Dan Certification. We do your application immediately, no waiting for months or years.

Look at the TABLES I have below and see how much the actual cost for KukKiWon Dan certification is. 

What is KukKiWon Certification?
KukKiWon is the World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters for Dan/Poom certification and it is situated in Seoul Korea. A KukKiWon certificate is widely regarded as the most prestigious of all the Black Belt certificates within the art of Taekwondo. The World Taekwondo Federation, which is the international governing body for Taekwondo, requires that all those who wish to compete at international level be KukKiWon certified. Those that do not have KukKiWon certification may also find that they might not be able to qualify in official courses such as International Referee, etc.

Who can authorize KukKiWon Dan certification?
Only a 4th Dan or above, who is KukKiWon certified can apply for the "Right to Recommend," a KukKiWon Dan certificate on behalf of those successfully passing the Dan/Poom test. If you require KukKiWon Dan certification then check with your Master first as you will have to take your test under a certified KukKiWon Master.

Can a KukKiWon Master apply for foreign applicants?
No, a KukKiWon examiner can only apply for persons in their own country and who have been resident there for more than 6 months. The KukKiWon will require proof of this should the student be a foreign national.

How much does KukKiWon Dan certification cost for the 4th Dan and higher?

KukKiWon Higher Dan / Poom Promotion Certification Fees:

6th Dan$350
7th Dan
8th Dan $?

9th Dan $?

Fees are in US Dollars. There are no extra costs required by KukKiWon, (no carrying charges, no administration charges) only the fee you see above. Any other fees required when you test are those asked for by the examiner or the association. Do not blame the KukKiWon for fees you believe to be too high.

How long does it take to get a KukKiWon certificate?
Here at the I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS, we are using the ONLINE PAYMENT for individual Dan ranks. This means that we can get your Dan rank certified in as little as 4 weeks or less.

It should not take more than 2 months from the time of application to the time of receipt, even though the I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS has received them in under 4 weeks (20 days to be exact.) . If you have waited a very long time then speak to your master. In our experience, the KukKiWon has always sent a receipt for the monies paid prior to the arrival of the certificate.

How can I check if my KukKiWon has been applied for and who can I contact in the USA?

Write to the KukKiWon at the address below:
Kukkiwon International Business Team
32, Teheran-ro 7gil, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea 06130


My contact for the U.S.A.
Tel: Tel: 82-2-3469-0153

Web-site: www.kukkiwon.or.kr


What is the value of my Dojang / school certificate?
Your certificate only has value in your school or association and not at full International Olympic Taekwondo level. If you change schools or associations it may be deemed worthless and your grade not recognized, irrespective of your ability. (There is one organization (I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS) whose Dan rank is very helpful if you wish to be ranked by the AAU or the ICTF (International
Ch'ang Hon Tae Kwon Do Federation.)

Why do I need KukKiWon?
Those who claim to practice or teach the Kukki / WTF style should really seek KukKiWon Dan certification so that a common set of standards and criteria be adhered to. Because Martial Arts are not regulated in the United States or in most other countries, there can be abuse and money making rackets by those with little or no real qualifications. This does not guarantee that there are not unscrupulous KukKiWon certified people, but it does help to ensure that your instructor / Master has complied to a certain set of criteria and been through the correct channels to attain their rank.

Why do some resist KukKiWon recognition?
Because many wish to follow a route that makes them more in control and profitable, where they can change techniques and policies as they deem fit, they want to do the telling and not be told. Many argue that KukKiWon certification is a money scam for Korea and WTF, without realizing that the KukKiWon and WTF are in fact 2 different entities. Yes, KukKiWon certification generates a lot of revenue but in Korea they have spent enormous time, money and effort in the continual progress and development of Taekwondo into a martial art and full Olympic sport.


Poom/Dan Minimum Time Required for Promotion  Current Registration Fee

1st Poom / Dan

no limitation US$ 70

  1st to 2nd Poom / Dan

1 year US$ 90

  2nd to 3rd Poom / Dan

2 years  US$ 120

3rd to 4th Poom / Dan

3 years  US$ 150

4th to 5th Dan

4 years  US$ 300


Poom/Dan Minimum Time Required for Promotion  Current Registration Fee
  1st Poom / Dan no limitation US$ 140
  1st to 2nd Poom / Dan 1 year US$ 165
  2nd to 3rd Poom / Dan 2 years US$ 190
  3rd to 4th Poom / Dan 3 years US$ 275
  4th to 5th Dan 4 years US$ 375


When sending the fees to Master Petrotta: 

** Send one Personal Check or Business Check made payable to

** Send to:




1-843-676-5280 (Office Hours: 8am-7pm EST)


All applications must be submitted with the "necessary fee" and with one (2" x 2" passport photo) of the applicant.
(PLEASE do not tape or staple the photos)

Procedures to apply for the KukKiWon Poom/Dan Certificate and
  Reissuing Poom/Dan certificates

* If you want to have the KukKiWon Poom/Dan Certificate, please follow the instruction below.

   1. First you have to undergo and pass the practical skill test conducted by the Taekwondo instructor who holds the grade of 4th Dan or higher. (That will be Master George Petrotta)

The actual testing may be performed either in person or by VIDEO. Master Petrotta has been involved with the martial arts since 1963 and Korean Martial Arts since the mid 60's. He holds a 9th Dan in Taekwondo from the Universal Taekwondo Brotherhood, Inc. (UTB) and the 6th Dan from the KUKKIWON. Whether Master Petrotta tests you in person or by video, you can be assured it is not just a formality. It is an actual test just as you would perform in front of an accredited Master in your school. Contact Master Petrotta for more information!]

Master Petrotta holds a 6th Dan with the KUKKIWON and has been given the "Right to Recommendation," by the KUKKIWON.


 Time & Age Limits for Poom or Dan Promotion
1) Time and Age Limits


Minimum Time
Required for Promotion

   Age Limits for Promotion   

Start from Dan

Start from Poom

  1st Poom N A N A Less than 15 Years of age!
  1st to 2nd Poom 1 year N A 15 Years of age!
  2nd to 3rd Poom 2 years N A 15 Years of age!
 3rd to 4th Poom 3 years NA 18 years of age
  1st Dan N A 15 years and above


  1st to 2nd Dan 1 year 16 years and above 16 years and above
  2nd to 3rd Dan 2 years 18 years and above 18 years and above
 3rd to 4th Dan 3 years 18 years and above 18 years and above
 4th to 5th Dan 4 years 18 years and above 18 years and above
    * Remarks:
    All applicants should have passed the minimum time and age required for promotion.

2) 1st, 2nd, 3rd Poom holder, being 15 years of age or above, is the same grade of Dan holder.
*1st, 2nd, 3rd Poom holder, being 15 years of age or above, can have the Dan Certificates when they  want to change their Poom certificates.

3) When 1st, 2nd, 3rd Poom holder, being 15 years of age or above, want to be promoted to the next higher Dan, he or she can be applied Dan promotion test. However, 3rd Poom holder who is 18 years of age and above can be applied 4th Dan and under 18 years of age can be applied 4th Poom.


2nd Dan Black Belt One (1) Year after 1st Dan
3rd Dan Black Belt Two (2) Years after 2nd Dan
4th Dan Black Belt Three (3) Years after 3rd Dan
5th Dan Black Belt Four (4) Years after 4th Dan
6th Dan Black Belt Five (5) Years after 5th Dan
7th Dan Black Belt Six (6) Years after 6th Dan
8th Dan Black Belt Seven (7) Years after 7th Dan
9th Dan Black Belt Eight (8) Years after 8th Dan


Article 11: Contents of Practical Techniques by Poom and Dan Grade

Poomsae (Test subject)

Poomsae (Forms) consist of a series of patterned offensive and defensive Taekwondo techniques performed against an imaginary opponent, based on traditional ideology. Below are the standardized regulation Poomsae for the Dan / Poom black belt grades.

Poom/Dan Appointed Compulsory
1st Dan (Poom) Taegeuk 1-7 Taegeuk 8


2nd Dan (Poom) Taegeuk 1-8 Koryo
3rd Dan (Poom) Taegeuk 1-8, Koryo Keumgang
4th Dan (Poom) Taegeuk 1-8, Koryo, Kuemgang Taebaek
5th Dan Taegeuk 1-8, Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek Pyongwon, Sipjin
6th Dan Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin Sipjin, Jitae
7th Dan Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae Jitae, Cheonkwon
8th Dan Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Cheonkwon Hansoo
9th Dan Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Cheonkwon, Hansoo Illyo
10th Dan Decided by the Judgement of Technical Committee
Poomsae (Forms) Kyorugi (Sparring) Kyokpa (Breaking) Special Techniques Theoretical Studies
Eye Control Eye Control Eye Control Power of Blow Mental Aspect
Concentration of Spirit Concentration of Spirit Balance Special Hand Techniques Practical Aspect
Speed Control Speed Control Power Control Special Foot Techniques  
Strength Control Strength Control Speed    
Flexibility Flexibility Part of Attack    
Balance Balance      
Variety in Techniques        


E-MAIL: isahdq-at-gmail.com

TELEPHONE for Dr. George Petrotta:



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